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Death in the Stocks - Georgette Heyer A wealthy mine owner is found dead in a little village. It's a neat crime that leaves even Scotland Yard all at sea. When a man has had many enemies and no one seems to moan him nobody is a fit suspect. But then there is motive and detective Hannasyde has his hands full trying to prove a member of Vereker's family guilty.

It's a rather typical who-done-it mystery, with quite enough dust thrown, not only in the investigators' eyes but in the eyes of the reader as well. I thought the plot was quite good, but the characters were rather irritating. None of them were in the least endearing nor worthy of sympathy. The only character that showed any promise of being interesting turned out to have rather a back-seat role. I refer to Hannasyde. The blurb, I think, is rather misleading as it suggests Hannasyde to have a role pretty much like Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple. Georgette Heyer's wit is spread rather liberally through out the mystery, but while this particular brand of with works very well with her Regency Romances, it seems rather out of place in this setting. The characters, almost all of them, are rather flippant and careless in all that they do and say (which makes them all suspect), and, personally, I was very sceptical about their attitude toward the whole case. Many instances seemed realistically improbable.

Nevertheless, Death in the Stocks was an interesting enough read. If you like to wonder and guess, it's a good story. After reading many of it's kind one becomes adept at guessing who the murderer would be right from the start, but this one kept me guessing almost till the end.