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Sketch Monsters, Book 1: Escape of the Scribbles - Vicente Navarrete,  Joshua Williamson Mandy is an eight-year old who has trouble expressing her emotions, no matter if circumstances are happy, joyful, sad or painful. The day Mandy's sister leaves home for higher studies, she gives Mandy a sketch book. No sooner does her sister leave than the little girl heads over to her favourite spot and sketches a whole lot of monsters. Later, in the night, Mandy finds that her monsters are missing. What happens next is this little girl's journey to learning how to express whatever she feels without any inhibitions. The story-teller, Joshua Williamson, wants to let children know that it is okay to feel happiness, joy, anger, fear and pain. These emotions are what make a person whole and complete. The little Mandy at the end of the story is so completely different from the Mandy of the beginning.

The drawings by Vicente Navarrete, are absolutely perfect for children between the ages of 7 and 10. The monsters look exactly like something a child would draw in his/her sketch book, and none of them are terrifying in any way. I have to admit that I'd wondered how the 'angry' monster would work out. But he was just as loveable and amusing as the rest.

I really enjoyed reading this little book. The story is so simply told. The colours are so vibrant. And Mandy should be easy for children to identify themselves with.

After the story, in the final few pages, is brief peek at how the sketches have been worked out, and a little puzzle or two for the children answer.