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The Unknown Ajax - Georgette Heyer Georgette Heyer has always been one of my favourites ever since I got introduced to her about twelve years ago. I have marked, amongst her regency novels, a few favourites - one of which is The Unknown Ajax.

An unknown grandson is to inherit Lord Darracott's estates, and none too happy about it than his lordship himself. A 'miller's brat' he is loath to see a baffoon step into his shoes. But his estates are entailed and so he sends for this miller-soldier grandson. Onto the scene comes the gentle giant with blue eyes as round and innocent as a child's and with a seemingly simple mind.

Bit by bit various members of the family begin to understand that Cousin Hugo isn't really as simple as he would have them believe. He is stubborn and knows exactly how to get his own way albeit sweetly. I love the way each person discovers that their Yorkshire relative is more than a match for all the Darracott household put together. Hugo is not your typical hero with his gentle ways and one cannot help but enjoy the character that he is.

The final scene in the story is a lovely, hilarious climax that I have read a countless number of times! The Unknown Ajax is so definitely a must read, not just for Heyre fans, but for those who enjoy regency and romance!