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Friday's Child - Georgette Heyer If there's one thing I like about Georgette Heyer it is a plathora of heroes and heroines - each so unlike the others with a character and personality all their own. It is thus with Friday's Child with so unlikely a starring pair. Lord Sheringham (Sherry to his friends) and Hero (Kitten to Sherry and his friends) are a young pair that marry only because the one needs his inheritance in hand as quickly as possible, and the other because there is no once she has ever admired and loved as she has dear Sherry. But with two mere children setting up house chaos and misunderstandings are bound to happen.

Hero, completely uninitiated in the ways of the London ton has only a careless Sherry to guide her in most matters. However, it takes the young lord a long while to discover that his little wife takes everything he says as gospel truth and that he must mind his tongue. She is forever unwittingly getting into scrapes, and we see Sherry grow up within the pages of the book as he fishes her out of pools of trouble. But things come to a climax when he scold Hero severly for something gone wrong, and she realises that she is ruining his life and so runs away. She is hopelessly in love with him and would rather he forget about her and marry the first woman he had ever proposed to...


...the instigator of the subplot that runs through the novel. Sherry's friend, George, is a penniless baron deeply in love with the Incomparable, Isabella. Their affair is held up as a foil to and intertwine with that of Sherry's and Hero's. Misunderstanding arise between the two couples but a final reconilliation is reached - of course!

I love this book for its fascinating characters. Sherry is one of my favourite Heyer heroes (he is perhaps the only one that readers watch grow in the story) and his best friends Freddy and Gil are simply a riot in all their earnest endeavours to reconcile Sherry with Hero.