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This is the companion blog to my main book blog, Breadcrumb Reads. My reading tastes veer towards the classics, literary fiction, creative non-fiction and historical fiction.

2 States: The Story of My Marriage - Chetan Bhagat Chetan Bhagat is out with his latest best seller - 2 States. A story about a Punjabi boy and Tamil girl bridging the gap between North and South India and overcoming all the cultural differences that prejudice their families before uniting as one. It's a short novel, crisp and very Indian. Reminiscent of what lots of young people in India go through today. It is note-worthy that it is the younger generation that helps the older generation get over past prejudices and traditions that harm the society or individual.

Said to be something of an autobiography, the plot moves smoothly enough, taking the readers from Ahmedabad to Delhi to Chennai to Delhi and back and forth these two cities poles apart in India. The language is full of Indianisms, and there is plenty of situational based humour - one is familiar with the sort of drama the young couple constantly find themselves in.

While the book is a pleasant read it isn't particularly anything to write home about. It's just the sort of book one might want to take on a bus journey for some light reading.