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Anne of the Island - L.M. Montgomery Anne finally goes to Redmond College to earn herself a B A degree, and she has a lovely four-year spell. She’s back with her old school chums, Stella and Priscilla and she makes a new friend in the unusual yet charming Phillipa Gordon. They get themselves a little dream house during the final three years of college, enjoy a lovely comradie, fall in love and/or get proposed to, and generally do a lot of growing up.

I enjoyed reading this book as much as I did the previous one and the one before that. Perhaps, I liked the new characters in this book better than the new ones introduced in Anne of Avonlea – at least, they were definitely more down-to-earth! I did get a bit frustrated with Anne’s silly notions of romance that proved a hindrance to so many things. But then, no doubt, it was only natural course of events. I remember when I was as silly as her in that respect!

I love the soothing way in which Montgomery writes. Her plots are mild, but so realistic that it feels familiar — like settling down with a lifelong friend for a nice cozy chat of days gone by. I’ve noticed that in the first three books I’ve read so far Montgomery does not shrink away from portraying death. And the I respect and admire the way in which she treats the deaths of old and young alike as an absolutely natural course (which it is). Even then we see various manners in which Anne’s friends and loved ones pass away. In this particular book one of Avonlea’s belles falls victim to consumption, and I love the way her mask and her fears our related with sensitivity and yet a definite tone of eventuality.

All these experiences and more make Anne who and what she is. She is growing on the pages from a young dreamer to a woman of the world, and I’m really thrilled about moving onto the next book in the series (publication wise) – Anne’s House of Dreams.