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Cupid's Christmas - Bette Lee Crosby Bette Lee Crosby had let out that her book was being offered for free on Amazon last week, and I decided to check it out. I'm not much of a romance reader (unless it is Heyer) but the cover was adorable and then the title attracted me, especially as I'd signed up for a Christmas reading challenge. A quick peek inside with Amazon's 'Look Inside' feature had me drawn to the chirpy writing and the fact that the narrator was Cupid (for the most part).

I liked the writer's take on the romance, and there are two running romances, neither taking precedence over the other. There are also other relationships being dealt with. I guess if this were a movie one could label it a family movie. Things were a bit too quick for my taste, but then one can't really fault the book, that's the way the genre works. Cupid is the dominant character, and while I found him interesting, I also found him a bit too repetitive. After a while I found myself thinking yeah yeah, you've said that already a million times! It's a lightly humorous narrative though. The doggy on the cover plays a role as well.

Not bad. But really not my present cup of tea at all. I'm sure regular readers of the genre might give this more stars than I do. :)

Merry Christmas!